Welcome to Youforia

Mrs. Dr. Kavitha Fenn Arunkumar

Mr. Dr. Arunkumar

The name Youforia is taken from the English word euphoria- which means a state of intense happiness and excitement. This is exactly what happens when you hit the dance floor. Dancing releases happiness hormones. Every single kid or adult who comes into our dance floor leaves it feeling happy and excited. Our fitness batches are also equally exhilarating and keep you coming back for more.

The founder of Youforia Danscool Dr.Kavitha Fenn Arunkumar is a medical doctor (psychiatrist) by profession and dancer by passion . She is a trained Bharathanatiyam dancer. She has been an avid learner of western dance styles for many years. She is known for her elegant and graceful stage performances.

Patron-of Youforia Danscool-Dr.M.J.Arunkumar neurosurgeon, director Hannah Joseph Hospital. He has been instrumental in offering unstinting support in providing infrastructure facilities and guidance to the school.

Youforia Danscool is the biggest dance school in Madurai, was started in December 2012 with the aim of nurturing dancing talent, offering creative freedom to choreographers, maintaining a safe and comfortable space for budding dancers.

Youforia Danscool is the only dance floor in Madurai featuring two studios both fully air-conditioned, well equipped sound systems, huge mirrors and wooden floor. Undoubtedly the most beautiful and spacious dance floor in Madurai. Youforia Danscool's students walk into a brightly lit, warm and welcoming reception and waiting hall, courteous floor managers answer all queries patiently. We have separate spacious changing rooms, and washrooms for men and women. We offer purified RO water, refrigerator, continuous housekeeping, 24x7 power supply. We also have facilities in-house for mixing and editing music.