Zumba Youforia

@ Madurai

At Youforia Danscool in Madurai, we offer twelve classes per month in each fitness batch. Clients can choose batches based on timing, trainer, or fitness style.We welcome you to take our trial classes which are free of cost. Clients are requested to wear comfortable exercise clothing like track pants, T-shirts, shoes and socks. Please inform the instructor about any recent medical injury, surgery or illness. Pregnant ladies and persons with cardiac illness need to obtain clearance certificate from their doctors.

Zumba is a latin inspired, dance fitness class that incorporates latin, international and Indian bollywood dance movements creating an effective fitness system. Zumba was introduced in 1986 by Colombian fitness instructor Alberto Perez. The word zumba is Colombian slang for buzz meaning to move fast like bee. It is now the latest fitness craze in India.

Zumba image

Zumba image

One hour of zumba with high intensity circuit workout combines cardio, body conditioning , muscle toning, muscle endurance and stretches, previous dance experience is not necessary, age is no bar to dancing zumba. One hour of lively music in different languages will leave you with a happy mood and a toned body.

Zumba classes are conducted by licensed instructors called zin. Contact Siva-9791411046